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MC Luxury offers a diverse collection of glass and stone mosaics from international designer brands. Our selection goes beyond ordinary glass mosaics, as we proudly showcase exclusive and eclectic finds such as the Venetian Smalti.

These stunning pieces are artistically crafted in Venice using a centuries-old furnace, adding a touch of history and artistry to your space.

For those seeking a touch of opulence, we offer serendipitous 24k gold leaf mosaics. These exquisite materials have been used for centuries to create frescos of Gods and Goddesses in ancient churches.

Now, you have the opportunity to use them to create your own masterpieces. Imagine transforming your pools, home bars, kitchen backsplash, and accent walls into timeless art-inspired canvases with our elegant glass mosaics.

But our passion for luxury doesn’t stop there. At MC Luxury, we curate a versatile collection of stone mosaics, including solidified lava stone, marble, and other natural stones. These magnificent pieces bring an element of natural beauty to your interiors.

Whether used as wall cladding, in curb pavements, or as decorative wall accents, our imported luxury stone mosaics from Italy and other parts of Europe will transform your space into a true reflection of artistic brilliance.

Indulge in the passion of MC Luxury and let us help you create a space that is uniquely yours.

Our Offerings

Bisazza Nero Matt - Flawless Glass & Stone Mosaics featuring Pienza Nero Matt from Bisazza.


Bisazza Prodotti Mosaic - Exhilarating Glass & Stone Mosaics featuring Prodotti Mosaic from Bisazza.


Giacobazzi Diamante - Amusing Glass & Stone Mosaics featuring Diamante from Giacobazzi.


Giacobazzi Ginko - Inspiring Glass & Stone Mosaics featuring Ginko from Giacobazzi.


Giopagani L’armando – Stylish Glass & Stone Mosaics featuring L’armando from Giopagani.


Giopagani One Way or Another - Eye-catching Glass & Stone Mosaics featuring Giopagani One Way or Another from Giopagani.


Brands we handpick