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Concrete is now considered one of the most cutting-edge and leading choices for surfaces, whether it’s for walls, floors, or exteriors.

At MC Luxury, we offer the latest and most popular designs in concrete panels and planks for walls, micro-cement, and terrazzo flooring. These surfaces provide endless possibilities with their unique grey, niche, and bold features that have been carefully crafted to bring an element of exclusivity and luxury.

The raw and powerful nature of concrete has been transformed into serene panels, 3D panels, fold and fluted panels, brass and engraved panels, concrazzo panels, and planks.

These customized panels add depth and character to your walls and surfaces. The artistry, technique, design, and innovation behind concrete surfaces are perfectly balanced. State-of-the-art technology and skilled craftsmanship are the driving forces behind these surfaces, which have taken the interior design world by storm.

Not only are they incredibly strong, but they also possess a subtle aesthetic that adds an organic soul to any space.

Our Offerings

3D Panels – Mesmerizing 3D Panels from Heyconcrete.


Concrazzo Panels – Distinctive Concrazzo Panels from Heyconcrete.


Engraved Series Panels - Enchanting Engraved Series Panels from Heyconcrete.


Fluted Panels – Impressive Fluted Panels from Heyconcrete.


Fold Panels – Fascinating Fold Panels from Heyconcrete.


Serene Panels - Splendid Serene Panels from Heyconcrete.


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