About us


Founded in 1981 by Mr. & Mrs. Jayaram, MC Group evolved from a family business to a pioneering venture. In 2004, brothers Yathish and Naveen established a sprawling 25,000 sq. ft showroom.

Recognizing the demand for ultra-premium bath and wellness products, they launched MC Luxury in 2022—a curated experience center showcasing global offerings. Experience opulence at MC Luxury as we cater to your unique tastes.

Our Mission

We are the exclusive provider of high-end luxury, handpicking globally acclaimed brands to meet your specific requirements. Experience the global home artistry and European luxury you’ve dreamed of, right in the privacy of your own home.

As curators of pleasing aesthetics and coveted luxury, we invite you to indulge in the art of connoisseurship and enjoy the ultimate luxury experience.


Our Vision

To serve with dedication and passion, loyalty, and dependability as we have since our inception in the 1980s. We hope to bring a revolution in the lives and lifestyles that each of our esteemed client dream of and deserves.

We are ready to go to great lengths to achieve this singular purpose. To elevate from being a lifestyle brand to a curator of refined aesthetics. To be the reliable curator of your prized art collection for your home.


Brands we handpick