DONBRACHT luxury Bathroom acessories in Bangalore

Dornbracht is a renowned German manufacturer of top-tier bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories. With a rich heritage of craftsmanship and ingenuity, the company has garnered a worldwide reputation for its unwavering commitment to design excellence, meticulous engineering, and sustainable practices.

The legacy of Dornbracht traces back to 1950, when Aloys Dornbracht established the company in the quaint town of Iserlohn, Germany. Since its inception, Dornbracht has been steadfast in its pursuit of creating exquisite, functional, and visually pleasing bathroom fittings.

Over the ensuing decades, Dornbracht has become synonymous with groundbreaking innovation in the industry. They have introduced pioneering technologies, such as single-lever mixers and digital shower systems, revolutionizing the way individuals engage with water in their daily lives.

Dornbracht’s unwavering dedication to design is evident through their collaborations with esteemed architects and designers, resulting in iconic collections that seamlessly blend form and function. The brand’s products are renowned for their timeless elegance, versatility, and commitment to sustainability.

In addition to their design prowess, Dornbracht places great emphasis on environmental responsibility. They invest in sustainable manufacturing processes, prioritize resource efficiency, and utilize eco-friendly materials.

Today, Dornbracht stands as a global leader in the luxury bathroom and kitchen fixture industry. Their products adorn premium residences, hotels, and commercial spaces worldwide, embodying a legacy of German engineering and design innovation that continues to shape the future of water experiences.


Our Offerings

Chic Bidet Faucet from Dornbracht


Inviting Rain Shower from Dornbracht


Delightful Shower Head from Dornbracht


Modern Single Lever Faucet from Dornbracht


Contemporary Wall Mounted Faucet from Dornbracht


Lively Water Modules from Dornbracht