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The tradition of crafting Murano glass carries forward through the ages, a heritage steeped in knowledge, skill, and intellect. These qualities are the cornerstones of the Ferro family’s mission, embodying their creative vision. Guido, Diego, and Omar Ferro, driven by their artistic impulses, have kept this legacy alive. In the wake of the devastating plague of 1630, which claimed the lives of many skilled glass blowers, the Ferro family, nomads with an unbreakable connection to their roots, relocated to Murano.

Here, they swiftly rose to prominence within the local community, representing the island as Members in the Council of the Republic of Venice, a prestigious position held as many as 27 times during the eighteenth century. Belonging to the vibrant and industrious local elite, the Ferro family assumed the role of Gastaldi Maggiori of the School San Nicolò, a position that included overseeing master glaziers and glassworks managers.

The closely guarded secrets and techniques of the master glassmakers have led to fruitful collaborations with leading Italian and international interior decoration companies, resulting in the success of numerous collections over the years. Yalos Murano is now a recognized company specializing in traditional glass-making production, offering stylish furnishings and contemporary design inspired by the multifaceted beauty of glass. The interplay of colors in decor, combined with innovative lines, allows for the admiration of fleeting and suspended reflections of light within each unique and irreplaceable object, creating an immediate connection between personal identity and design objects.

Remaining true to its legacy of continuous research and experimentation in artistic glass manufacturing, Yalos Murano Glass Factory embarks on a new challenge: the creation of Murano glass panes in various sizes, mutable colors, with diverse decorations, and enriched with unique and precious mixtures for both exterior and interior decoration and design. Yalos Murano srl pushes the boundaries, transcending the traditional concept of a product in favour of a comprehensive architectural system. This system introduces a variety of pane formats, offering mutability in colors, transparent, opaque, and semi-opaque finishes.

This coordinated set of modular products expands the creative possibilities for designers almost limitlessly, thanks to its extensive chromatic range and the array of formats, ranging from 50x50cm and gradually increasing to create vast open spaces. Utilizing highly innovative technology enhances both the technical properties and aesthetic appeal, positioning Murano artistic glass as an excellent choice for interior and exterior facades.

With its impressive technological attributes and captivating aesthetics, Murano artistic glass is adaptable for various purposes, offering limitless modularity for both interior and exterior applications, enabling complete design solutions, from individual apartments to entire cityscapes.

Yalos Murano srl’s technical division is dedicated to supporting the realms of design and construction by developing interior and exterior surface facade systems. Collaborations on projects in Italy and around the world have led to the creation of highly safe and reliable systems and solutions. Yalos Murano srl does not merely exist as a manufacturer and supplier of Murano artistic glass; it stands as a dependable partner, ready to support and guide professionals through every stage of their projects.

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