Veiga’s ambition is a relentless pursuit of self-improvement, a commitment to daily dialogue with customers, and a dedication to enhancing product quality and service features. Rooted in a heritage spanning over 115 years, this company, boasting over 4,000 employees, has evolved into a global market leader while retaining its family-owned ethos and unwavering standards. Quality, ingrained in their identity since inception, remains their guiding principle. Their original vision to revolutionize installation technology continues to drive them. Their ‘made in Germany’ commitment ensures top-notch products, and they boast a meticulously coordinated system with over 17,000 products, readily available to support their customers. They are dedicated to imparting their expertise to customers worldwide, reinforcing their role as an industry trailblazer with an eye on the future, deeply rooted in their rich legacy.

Since 2005, Viega has achieved a commendable presence in the Indian market. Following several years of collaboration with independent Sales Representatives, the legal entity Viega India Pvt. Ltd. was established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in 2015, with the aim of bolstering our local footprint in India. This endeavour encompasses substantial investments in a production site located in Sanand, enabling us to cater to the specific requirements of the local market. Furthermore, our dedicated sales and service teams are strategically stationed in all major cities across India.

Viega, as a global market leader, acknowledges the weighty responsibility it bears. The company displays a deep commitment to addressing pivotal issues within its sector, actively contributing to the development of standards and regulations. Viega shares its wealth of knowledge through educational seminars, fostering the growth of both its own expertise and that of its customers. This collaborative approach equips them to navigate and thrive amidst the daily challenges inherent to their industry.

Viega, as an industry leader, places a paramount focus on safeguarding drinking water quality, acknowledging the unique value of this vital resource. Their commitment extends beyond product development and material selection; it encompasses comprehensive support and educational seminars dedicated to preserving drinking water quality. The synergy between innovative solutions and the practical application of knowledge is exemplified by Viega’s products featuring the Viega Hygiene+ function, designed to prevent stagnation and critical temperatures in drinking water installations. In the realm of pre-wall and drainage technology, Viega continues to shine, offering state-of-the-art products that set new standards in design. Their commitment to excellence has been recognized with over a hundred design awards, reflecting their dedication to both form and function. Viega’s competence extends to fire protection, exemplified by their comprehensive range of certified piping systems. These systems adhere to strict fire prevention regulations, allowing for installations with zero spacing, enhancing safety in building installations.

Furthermore, Viega champions energy efficiency through innovative radiant heating and cooling systems and insulated piping systems. They provide not only cutting-edge technology, but also guidance in planning and execution, resulting in substantial energy consumption reductions aligned with specific requirements.

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