Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde is an esteemed Italian company specializing in the production of exquisite ceramic and porcelain tiles for both residential and commercial settings. Allow me to provide you with an overview of the company’s rich history:

Established in 1969 within the borders of Italy, Atlas Concorde has emerged as a prominent manufacturer of top-tier porcelain and ceramic tiles. The company boasts a long and illustrious legacy of crafting groundbreaking and visually captivating tile products.

Atlas Concorde offers an extensive array of tile offerings, encompassing floor tiles, wall tiles, and porcelain slabs. Renowned for their exceptional quality, innovative design, and remarkable versatility, their products are ideal for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Throughout its storied existence, Atlas Concorde has remained steadfast in its commitment to pioneering advancements in tile manufacturing. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies and processes, they have succeeded in creating tiles that not only exude beauty but also possess remarkable durability and sustainability.

With a global presence, Atlas Concorde’s distribution network spans numerous countries across the globe. Their products find application in residential, commercial, and architectural projects alike.

Emil Ceramica

Emilgroup is a renowned Italian company that specializes in the production of top-tier ceramic and porcelain tiles. One of the esteemed brands operating under the Emilgroup umbrella is Emilceramica. Allow me to provide you with some essential details regarding the company’s history and Emilceramica:

Founded in 1961 in Italy, Emilgroup has emerged as a prominent entity in the ceramic tile industry. With a rich legacy in manufacturing ceramic and porcelain tiles, the company places a strong emphasis on innovation and design.

Emilceramica is widely recognized for its diverse range of tile offerings, encompassing floor tiles, wall tiles, and an array of surface solutions. The brand’s commitment to design excellence and the production of aesthetically pleasing, high-quality tiles is highly regarded.

Emilceramica, alongside other esteemed brands within the Emilgroup family, has consistently remained at the forefront of technological advancements in tile manufacturing. Pioneering cutting-edge techniques and sustainable practices, they strive to create tiles that satisfy both aesthetic and functional requirements.

The global distribution of Emilceramica’s products extends to various residential, commercial, and architectural projects. With a robust international presence, the company boasts an extensive network of distributors and partners worldwide.

Our Offerings

Glorious European Tile featuring Tele di Marmo Precious from Emilceramica


Radiant European Tile featuring Tele di Marmo Precious from Emilceramica


Versatile European Tile featuring Mimesis from Emilceramica


Cheerful Marble-effect Porcelain Tile featuring Marvel Dream from Emilceramica


Stylish Porcelain Wall Tiles featuring Canone Inverso from Atlas Concorde


Lustrous Metal Tile featuring Blaze from Atlas Concorde